SEMS Screws & Sems Fasteners

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Design your own SEMS

Choose the screw and washer from the following list, and we will manufacture it for you. It can be single washer or double washers. Minimum quantity may required. You can also specify special dimensions on the Screw and Washer to fit your own application. Our knowledgeable engineers will be glad to assist you. Email your inquiry to: or Fax your Print to 425-441-8532 for a competitive quote.


Screw Selection


Screw Diameter

#2 through 1/2" or  M2 through M12 in metric



Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel


Screw Type

Machine Screw, Sheet Metal Screw,
Thread Cutting Screw, Thread Rolling
Screw, Jack Screw, Terminal Screw..


Screw Head

Hex, Hex Washer, Pan, Fillister, Oval,  Truss, Binding, Round ...


Head Recess

Phillips, Slot, Socket, Square, Combo,  6 Lobe, Pin with 6 Lobe ...


Thread Type

NC, NF, TT, PT, A, B, AB, F, Hi-Lo, CA,  TEK ...


Washer Selection


Washer Material

Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel, Rubber,  Nylon ...


Washer Type

Flat, Spring, Square, Conical, Square Cone,  Internal Tooth, External Tooth ...


Washer Quantity

Single washer, Double washers

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