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SEMS Screws & Special Fasteners

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SEMS Screws - Sems Fasteners
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#1 Source of Sems Screws, Tek Screws, Garage Door and all Special Fasteners

Welcome to PINCO - Your Source of SEMS Screws and Special Fasteners

PINCO is your one-stop supplier for Hard-to-Find Fasteners and Parts. We carry a complete line of Overhead Garage Door Fasteners and a vast collection of specially-designed SEMS Screws in stock for immediate delivery. We also specialize in Prototype and High Volume production of all Non-Standard Fasteners and Parts. Our engineers are experts in design, application and manufacturing of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum component parts. Send us your drawings today for a competitive quote!



SEMS & Sems Screws - in stock or made to order

Set Screw, Socket Set Screw & Headless Set Screws

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