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PINCO Sems Screws
Serving OEMs since 1988, PINCO has rapidly become one of the leading SEMS Screws supplier in the world-wide market.

We specialize in prototype and high volume production. We have successfully assisted many of our clients in designing SEMS Screws to fit their specific applications and needs. During the process,  not only did we greatly reduce clients' cost, we also remarkably increased efficiency on their assembly job.

Whether you are looking for a small quantity or several millions in volume, you will find that PINCO is capable of turning your complex design into reality with affordable pricing.

Please take your time to browse through our samples and inventory listings. If you don't see your item here, we can custom design and manufacture it for you!  Send us your inquiry today!
Design your own Sems Screw
It's as simple as this:
Screw + Washer = SEMS
Choose the screw and washer from the following list, and we will manufacture it for you. The list shows the most popular screws and washers available. The assembly can be single washer or double washers. Minimum quantity may required. Your selection does not limted by this list. You may specify the Screw and Washer to fit your own application. Our engineers will be glad to assist you. Send us your inquiry today!

Screw Selections

Screw Diameter
#2 through 1/2" or  M2 through M12 in metric
Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel
Screw Head
Hex, Hex Washer, Pan, Fillister, Oval,  Truss, Binding, Round ...
Thread Type
NC, NF, TT, PT, A, B, AB, F, Hi-Lo, CA,  TEK ...

Washer Selections

Washer Material
Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel, Rubber,  Nylon ...
Washer Type
Flat, Spring, Square, Conical, Square Cone,  Internal
Flat, Spring, Square, Conical, Square Cone,  Internal Tooth, External Tooth ...
Washer Quantity

Single washer, Double washers
Sems Screw Inventory
Looking for something off the shelf?
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